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Read Our Reviews

testimonial 1

Been going here for a while now. The optical dept has some great high fashion frames. The optician, Bill Hagan, is very knowledgeable and will help you find a frame you like and fit it to your face comfortably. Two thumbs up!

- C.M.

Testimonial 2

I was fortunate enough to discover the Eye Medical Clinic of Santa Clara Valley. My ophthalmologist for the past twenty years at this clinic is now John Sullivan.

- M. D.

Testimonial 3

My entire family has been going to Dr. Sullivan for years for eye exams. He is always very through. This last time he suggested that I would be able to see better if I had my eye lids done. He spent a very long time examining me. He took pictures and measurements and explained very clearly the procedure. He submitted everything to the insurance company. The follow-up after the surgery was excellent. I have been extremely pleased. And to be honest I had the surgery because I felt it would make me look better, not so old. The added benefit was that he was right, I can see better. It is amazing. I highly recommend Dr. John Sullivan.

- K. K.

Testimonial 4

My vision sucks, but Dr. Deane rocks! She is thorough on both the evaluation and explanation in the course of correcting my vision. She and the rest of the staff ensured I was satisfied with my contact lenses. I just wish they were open during the weekends.

- W. A.

Testimonial 5

Dr. Masi has been my eye doctor for many years. I have some health issues which affect my eyes. Over the years he has used a laser to repair the blood vessels in my retinas and removed and replaced my lenses to correct cataracts in both eyes. His treatments have been carefully explained and flawlessly executed. I actually was able to remove the ‘must wear corrective lenses’ restriction from my drivers license. Tom T.I am hard to please. I have been a patient of Dr. Sullivan for almost a year. I can not imagine better care. Having eye problems bites, but since I have some, I am happy to be able to come to this clinic. I have been very well taken care of. My experience with the staff has also been great. Sue rocks.

- E. K.

Testimonial 6

When I started having problems with my eyes, Dr. Sullivan made sure that additional tests were run at other medical centers. This was done to confirm my medical condition. I did not have to beg and plead for these additional tests. He scheduled them and took the time to explain why. When my daughter needed complicated surgery, the surgeon recommended I see Dr. Sullivan for his medical opinion. He met with us for over an hour discussing our concerns. He did this on his own time.

- V. F.

Testimonial 7

I have been a patient of Dr. Sullivan for many decades. I have found him to be a great doctor – knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and willing to spend some quality time doing patient education, etc. He was also the doctor my mother used, and she was extremely happy with him also. The technician who helped me last week during my annual exam was awesome too. I highly recommend Dr. Sullivan and the Eye Medical Clinic!

- C. L.

Testimonial 8

I had my upper eyelids lifted by Dr. Sullivan recently at Eye Medical Clinic on Meridian. He did a superb job of making them look natural. It was a quick and painless procedure done in the office. I had very little ‘down time’. The swelling quickly went down and I was so pleased with the results that I have recommended him to several of my friends. He is a super, caring doctor!

- S. R.

Testimonial 9

I have been going to the Eye Medical clinic and Dr John Sullivan for the last 10 years and they are excellent. The office staff, the short wait and Dr Sullivan are great.

- A. P.

Testimonial 10

As a senior citizen, I have had over the many years a close relationship with the Medical community while serving in both World War Two, and the Korean conflict. After the service I worked for 40 years as an electrical engineer in Heavy industry. In these later years both my wife and I developed serious eye problems and were treated by three different ophthalmologists – two in the San Jose area and one a world wide famous ‘specialized’ ophthalmologist in San Francisco. All three doctors left much to be desired. My wife and I then decided to terminate their professional services and research the medical field for a more qualified and dedicated physician. I was fortunate enough to discover the Eye Medical Clinic of Santa Clara Valley. My ophthalmologist for the past twenty years at this clinic is now John Sullivan M.D. I recently had occasion to visit Dr. Sullivan and am compelled to share my experience. The Clinic has been an institution in this area for 60 years. They have had a number of very famous and outstanding ophthalmologists who have written textbooks and taught at Stanford and UCSF. Dr. Sullivan is a continuation of that tradition. Before going into practice he spent years of extra training specializing in ophthalmology. In addition he is a professor at USCF. (I don’t think he is active there as he was once was) More important to me he is really terrific doctor and a very gifted surgeon. A few years ago he removed both my cataracts and I have had great vision ever since. He also took care of my wife who had a very complicated problem with her artificial eye which required a lot of care over several years. ‘Dr. Sullivan is the most patient medical professional I have ever had the the privilege to be treated by or to consult with on difficult eye medical problems. If you want a doctor who will treat you like you are one of his favorite relatives, he is the person! Me and my family have been going to Dr. Sullivan for 15 plus years. Their office gives you the medical attention and time you just don’t see anymore in this day of HMO care. They take the extra time to make sure you get the medical attention you require.

- anonymous


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